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Review: Equestrian Creations Jump Over Challenges Hooded Sweatshirt

February 3, 2016

Equestrian Creations is a new business specializing in horse-inspired apparel designed to easily transition from the barn to the street.  They offer baby onesies, tees, and sweatshirts with fun equestrian themes in youth and adult sizes.  Each piece is designed by creator Cassie Holmes who has a background dedicated to graphic design and equestrian artwork.…

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Review: The Burlap Pony Gifts

February 2, 2016

I am so excited to introduce a new equestrian business called The Burlap Pony.  They focus on rustic accents for the horse and home with most items being made in…

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Trend Alert: Wood Accessories

January 26, 2016

Accessories made out of wood is on the rise.  It is the latest and greatest in fashion, and it fits in perfectly with the equestrian lifestyle.  Barns are made from…

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Review: Comfortably Stabled Grooming Tote and Stall Sign

January 18, 2016

Personalized items are huge right now in fashion and in the equestrian world.  They offer a chance to be unique and set yourself apart at the barn as well as…

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Review: Ziky Boutique Dressage Glitter Tee

January 15, 2016

Ziky Boutique is one of my favorite equestrian small businesses.  They offer a wide variety of products ranging from tees to tack accessories to custom saddle pads plus team/barn apparel. …

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Review: La Matera Alvear Belt

January 14, 2016

I recently introduced La Matera to VR followers during the 12 Days of Christmas.  The response was the same as mine: how gorgeous the belts are!  La Matera makes beautifully…

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Review: Horze Supreme Dark Reflective Safety Horse Boots

January 13, 2016

This is the perfect time of year to invest in some reflective safety gear for you and your horse.  With it getting dark so early each day, it’s necessary to…

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30 Day Yoga Camp

December 30, 2015
30 Day Yoga Camp

I love yoga, and it’s incredibly helpful for us as equestrians.  It can help build body strength especially in the core plus give you more body awareness and flexibility.  I…

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Interview With Southern Horse Talk

December 29, 2015

This month had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Rebecca of Southern Horse Talk.  She is doing amazing things for the southern equestrian world and will soon launch…

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VR’s 12 Days of Christmas Winners 2015

December 26, 2015

Below is a list of all the winners from our 12 Days of Christmas!  Congrats everyone and enjoy! Hands On Gloves: Evie W. Roxanne C. Caitlin T. Amber T. Sarah…

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Day 12: La Matera

December 12, 2015

*Congrats to Hilary L. for winning for the La Matera Diplomatico belt! On the twelfth day of Christmas, Velvet Rider brought to me…La Matera! La Matera makes beautifully crafted woven…

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Day 11: Horze

December 11, 2015

*Congrats Kara O. on your new Horze Avalanche blanket! On the eleventh day of Christmas, Velvet Rider brought to me…Horze! Horze is one of my all-time favorite equestrian brands!  They…

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Day 10: Ziky Boutique

December 10, 2015

*Congrats Tera B. on winning the Shirt Fleuri tee from Ziky Boutique! On the tenth day of Christmas, Velvet Rider brought to me…Shirt Fleuri from Ziky Boutique! Ziky Boutique offers…

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Day 9: Comfortably Stabled

December 9, 2015

*Congrats Mary C. on your new custom painted grooming tote from Comfortably Stabled! On the ninth day of Christmas, Velvet Rider brought to me…a custom painted mini grooming tote from…

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Day 8: Wish Equestrian

December 8, 2015

*Congrats to Brittany H. on winning a custom bonnet from Wish Equestrian! On the eighth day of Christmas, Velvet Rider brought to me…a custom fly bonnet and earrings from Wish…

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Day 7: Equestrianista Collection

December 7, 2015
Day 7: Equestrianista Collection

*Congrats Jordan K. on your new items from Equestrianista Collection! On the seventh day of Christmas, Velvet Rider brought to me… a fabulous sweatshirt and logo charm from Equestrianista Collection!…

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Day 6: Pony Glam

December 6, 2015

On the sixth day of Christmas, Velvet Rider brought to me…Hoof Hi-Lites from Pony Glam! This is an extremely fun yet practical item to have in your grooming tote.  Pony…

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Day 5: A Horse Box

December 5, 2015

*Congrats Alexis L. on winning a month of A Horse Box! On the fifth day of Christmas, Velvet Rider brought to me…one month’s box from A Horse Box! A Horse…

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Day 4: Nicker Bait

December 4, 2015

*Congrats Shanda H. on the bundle of treats from Nicker Bait! On the fourth day of Christmas, Velvet Rider brought to me…a cookie bundle from Nicker Bait! If your horse…

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Had a great lesson tonight on my Petey! He's so much fun to ride. Learning so much! #petey #hanoverian #dressage #horsesofinstagram #vrhorse #velvetrider #schoolmaster #barnlife
Trend Alert: Wooden Accessories - Accessories made out of wood is on the rise. It is the latest and greatest in fashion, and it fits in perfectly with the equestrian lifestyle. So where can you fit in this wooden trend?  I will tell you how here: #woodwatches #wood #woodaccessories #woodjewelry #woodsunglasses #trendalert #vrtrendalert #equestrianblog #velvetrider
Loving Petey's stall sign from @comfortably_stabled They offer custom painted barn accessories! Learn more at! #equestrianneeds #custompainted #comfortablystabled #musthave #equestrianblog #velvetrider #vrreview #stallsign
Rocking the Alvear belt by @la_matera with my @asmarequestrian polo & @horze_equestrian breeches! These belts are gorgeous and come in a variety of geometric patterns. Review is up on! #equestrianblog #velvetrider #vrreview #lamatera #equestrianstyle #equestrianbelt #asmarequestrian #horze
Check out the latest review featuring @horze_equestrian Supreme Reflective Safety Boots! Can never be too careful with it getting dark so early and these boots are great to have around! #horze #vrreview #safetyboots #tendonboots #spirtboots #review #horsewear #needtohave
I have the greatest friends ever! They know exactly what to do to make my day... like getting this Justin Timberlake & Jimmy Fallon mug! #squadgoals #squad #bromance #jtimberlake #jimmyfallon #thetonightshow #bestmugever #bffs
Have you signed up? Yoga Camp kicks off tomorrow! The next 30 days will be a wonderful time of working on YOU - physically, mentally and spiritually! It's going to be fun! Sign up at #vryogateam #yogacamp #yoga #yogachallenge #yogawithadriene #yogaforequestrians
Would anyone like to join me for a 30 day yoga camp starting Jan. 1? I love yoga and have found it to be helpful on a personal level and in my riding. Adriene is my absolute fave and you can do it from home! Be sure to use #vryogateam in your posts so we can keep track and encourage as needed throughout the 30 days. It doesn't matter if you've never done yoga or are an expert - this is for you! It's going to be so much fun! Go here to sign up:

#vryogateam #vryogateam #vryogateam #yogawithadriene #yogacamp #yoga #yogachallenge #yogaforequestrians #letsdothis #newyearnewme #yogaforeveryone
Santa brought Taylor such a big bag of carrots it wouldn't fit in his stocking! He's going to be thrilled! #merrychristmas #santa #stocking #stockingstuffers
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