Book Review: The Dressage Chronicles by Karen McGoldrick


The Dressage Chronicles was another entertaining adult horse book. It really made me wish I was still young enough to try the hard world of being a working student. This book attested to the fact that a working student has very long days and hard work, but has the opportunity to reap the rewards of training under a top level instructor. And let’s not forget the horses you would be able to learn on! This book covered all of that in a great story with interesting characters.  This book follows the main character, Lizzy, as she begins her new life as a working student and quest to become a Grand Prix dressage rider.  I found the characters endearing from the fabulous trainer Margot we all want to train daily with, the financial means of Francesca, the super organized and fashionable Emma, and even the typical barn dogs, the Jack Russell terriers.  I felt for Lizzy as she tried so hard to do her work well and efficiently, to fit in and find her place at the barn, and as she worked to learn upper level dressage moves on a seasoned horse.  This book was fantastic!  You can definitely tell the author is a seasoned dressage rider herself and a beautiful writer, and you will quickly become engaged into the story.  I honestly wouldn’t mind a sequel to continue the adventures with Lizzy. I would definitely recommend this book!

VR Rating: ribbonribbonribbonribbonribbon




Author Karen Golderick speaks on her book:


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