Category: Equestrian Tips

Fixing With Feed Infographic


Special thank you to Sasha from Animal Health Company for the informative graphic below on horse nutrition!     *For informational and entertainment purposes only. Always consult a professional before starting any nutritional or training program.

SleekEZ Shedding Blade


I have been one of those people who have seen the SleekEZ Shedding Blade tool over the last couple of years and have thought to myself, I should get one of those, and then not do it.  Not this year! …

Choosing the Perfect Site for Your Riding Arena


Mainland Aggregates was kind enough to send me this infographic they recently developed to aid in choosing the perfect land site to build your new riding arena.  I wanted to share it with everyone, and hopefully, it will help you…

Eventing Through The Alphabet by Ashley Harvey


It’s easy to categorize people. You can make a few judgments based on their personality, place them in the appropriate stereotypes, then box them away. I am very easy to stereotype. Picture a young woman who is just type A enough…

Velvet Rider August Fitness Challenge


Some of you might remember the last fitness challenge we did was back in June of last year.  I’m not sure why it has taken me so long to come up with another one…BUT it is here–the August fitness challenge. …