Cross Country Recap at Rolex 2014

Today was an outstanding day at Rolex…cross country, beautiful weather, great action. I don’t know if a horse event has ever gone by so fast for me. There was so much action happening all day that there was never a dull moment. I have always watched Rolex on the USEF Network but it does not do the cross country phase justice. These horses are literally flying over this course, meeting the challenges head on, and going for it. It was really a beautiful and nerve wracking sight all in one. You need to come see this in person.


The first horse, Park Trader, may have had the best stride in person. It was big and uphill, and he covered the ground. The OTTBs were especially game and I loved watching them tackle the course. The worst moment was Expedience hooking her right leg on a water jump and unable to bear weight. I was at the water jump for this and I felt horrible. No one wants this to happen. I have heard that she did break a bone in her foot and was transported to a hospital for surgery. I am desperately hoping she’ll make a full recovery! The most disappointing moment (for me) was Arthur missing a jump at the Normandy. I was there for this too and it was a collective groan. Ugh! This 20 penalty points dropped him from first to 26th. Horrible. But he is a sight to watch!

I started out at jump 7 which was a great spot. You could clearly see them coming down the hill before hitting jump 6 then coming towards us for jump 7. You also could see their run uphill to the Hammock jump. On their return home, you could see the Normandy jump, their flight downhill and over the brush jumps. It was very exciting! I then moved up to the Normandy jump, down to the ditch jump and over to the lake. A ton of people were at the lake jump but it was fun to watch. I finished back up at the Normandy.





Fabulous day! It was such a great time and watching the riders maneuver each jump was amazing! Below is the new leaderboard.

Rolex 2014 Leaderboard After Cross Country





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