De La Coeur Fly Bonnet Review

DLC_logo_newI worked with De La Coeur to create a custom fly bonnet for my boy Taylor.  I decided on a color combo that would match a saddle pad I currently owned but had not yet used.  The colors may be a little out of the box for what I usually choose for him, but I love it!  They were so easy to work with, answered all of my questions, and even sent me a mock up of what the bonnet would look like!  It was such an exciting day when I received the bonnet.  My favorite color is navy, and I think this bonnet turned out beautifully, way better than I could have imagined!  The main portion of the bonnet is navy, with a hot pink trim, followed by a row of clear rhinestones, light pink trim and ending in white trim.  The quality of this bonnet is amazing and the fit was perfect.  I chose the Horse size with him being a TB.  It coordinates well with my bridle, and I adore the added touch of the De La Coeur charm.  Taylor is also much quieter when he wears his fly bonnet.  He even insisted on giving his two cents in my review.  After all, it is his!




Here’s what Taylor had to say about the bonnet:  “I really like my fly bonnet.  It keeps the flies from bothering me and my mane from tickling my ears so I was able to concentrate and work better in my training.  It’s very comfortable, and I felt handsome in it.  If I didn’t love my person so much, I wouldn’t be near as tolerant of the pink and sparkly things, but as long as she keeps bringing carrots, she can pick the colors.  (But I hope to have a black one next).”




De La Coeur has made one team very happy!  And I am probably going to give Taylor his wish for a simple black bonnet next…(with a little sparkle thrown in, of course.  He won’t mind!)  I am super happy with my De La Coeur bonnet, and I know you will too!  Let those creative juices start flowing and see what custom bonnet you can come up with for your horse!  Or, check out their ready made options, like the LongRun Special Edition Bonnet that benefits OTTBs.  Show season is upon us and this is the perfect time to get your fly bonnet!  Do you own a De La Coeur fly bonnet?  Share your thoughts below.







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  1. Sara
    April 27, 2013 at 9:48 PM

    I also love all my DLC bonnets I have for my big horse, I believe the count is now at 5. hey have great communication and an amazing product. Their bonnets are great quality and the oversize fit my Irish Sport Horse’s large ears perfectly, which I always had a problem with non-custom bonnets. Plus their sports bonnets are super fun. They are a real eye catcher at shows too!

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