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Our guest blogger today is Julie Frykman of In Classic Fashion.  She offers ways to always look the equestrianista part, even on show day before your classes!

Equestrianista 101- Always look your best!

So you have the horse of your dreams, you’ve schooled for hours to perfect the moves of your partnership, and now it’s time to rock your stuff on the show circuit this summer! We all take painstaking care selecting our show attire, cleaning our tack, and of course spit shining our horse, but then we arrive to the show looking like…well like we just did all of the above!

A large part of our sport is about presentation, so why not look like a million bucks from arrival to exit! You don’t need to spend a million to look like a million. Here are a few tips to help you look your best, even while you’re breaking a sweat waiting to change into your show attire:

1. Show Arrival Outfit
Being an Equestrian means we deal with dirt, dust, and the various substances our equine partners require to look and feel their best! But we still want to look great, right!? Thankfully, Equestrian fashion has gone far past the standard uniform of schooling in a plain polo, paired with simple breeches.

Depending on the weather you can arrive in a tank, tee, or long sleeve tee. There are a growing number of fun tops that allow you to reflect your favorite breed, discipline, or brand preference. With fashionable options why show up in your faded, stretched out club volleyball tee from junior year!?

At In Classic Fashion we’re excited for this fun top out of our upcoming new collection. It’s comfortable, fresh, and oh so Equestrianista! Pair it with a comfy pair of pants, or your favorite shorts prior to donning your show attire.


Most of us have to save our leather boots from needless wear and tear, but again, there are so many fun and fashionable options out there anyway! So keep those leather boots shining until the in gate and allow one of the many varieties of boot socks available to take center stage. Check out these yummy socks by Sox Trot available at SmartPak.



2. Essentials Bag
No we’re not talking about your grooming tote, this is for you! In addition to the necessities like paperwork, tests, show list, etc. you need to keep a few things handy to keep you at your best!
Make-up bag- The trick to staying ring ready fresh is to keep it simple, pretty, and avoid heavy makeup. A great base will allow you to add some finishing touches right before the class in a jiffy. Some swear by a light moisturizer, some primer, and a light layer of foundation, others say simply a tinted moisturizer does the job. Whichever you choose, merely add a touch of gloss to your lips to keep them smile supple and line your eyes to be arrival ready!
Sunscreen-Before heading out apply a sunscreen of SPF 50 or more on any exposed skin. Reapply throughout the day (every 2 hours is best) to ensure you don’t burn.
Water Bottle/Snack-Stay hydrated and keep that blood sugar up! Stash a mini water bottle and refill regularly. Also, pack a small portion size of your favorite snack for when you need a little pick me up. You’ll be happy you did!
Refresh with Peppermints-Yep, I said it…peppermints. The aromatherapy of peppermint can help relieve tension during a long day of “fun” stress (no wonder it’s the preferred treat of Racehorses). Enjoy a few throughout the day and allow the scent to lift your energy, get you ready for round two, and if nothing else give you and your horse the best smelling breath at the show!

Why end your Equine love here when you can carry your “Essentials” in a sassy bag too! Pictured is our very popular Competition Horse Head bag in Pink.


3. Hat
We’ve all had it…helmet head! Yes it’s not pretty but simply a part of being an equestrian. There are lots of fabulous hats out there, with so many different profiles and colors to choose from.

The summer sun can be intense, especially when you’re out in the open, and running around crazed all day. A hat is a great way to keep your hair out of your face, prevent the sun from heating you up while beating directly down on you, and it tucks in the tidy “up-do” you created at 4a.m.!

Find a hat, like our “Horse Lover” hat, that is adjustable and can be easily tucked away in your “Essentials Bag”. We love the black & white hounds tooth pattern that gives this one an updated equestrian feel!


4. Layering Pieces
No matter the season you’re showing in don’t forget a layering piece! If you have ever arrived to a show on a brisk morning before sunrise, than you know what I’m talking about. It never hurts to have a functional additional layer for early mornings, or late nights. Plus it can double as a bum cushion on the bleachers, or a sun blocker for a quick snooze…if you’re so lucky!
It’s all about comfort in this Gersemi Rama full zip sweatshirt. It is a fashion forward take on the traditional, yet functional, full zip mid-weight. (If you’re reading this hubby…I’m especially in love with it in Kelly Green and Navy 🙂 )


5. Smile
Last but not least, smile and have fun! You’ve worked hard to get to this point…enjoy!

-Julie Frykman

In Classic Fashion

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