Eskadron and Pikeur Fall 2013 Collections

After spending a number of years in the fashion industry, it is always so exciting to get that little fashion lookbook for each approaching season.  Each piece styled so beautifully in glossy photos.  I love to be able to say that the equestrian world isn’t exempt from such fashion forays.  I think such doings produces more excitement and anticipation over fashion collections.  And let’s face it, as equestrians, we get just as excited for a collection for our horse as we do for ourselves.  I am guilty of putting together coordinating ensembles for me and my horse, especially for horse shows.  I think a put together package is essential.  This brings me to the fall collections for Eskadron and Pikeur.  I’m always excited to see what Eskadron does because they are fabulous at telling a story and incorporating both horse and rider.  And Pikeur is just…well…fabulous.  So enjoy their Fall 2013 collections and drool over it like I did!  Ha!






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  1. September 27, 2013 at 11:00 PM

    I love this new fall gear. I’m almost looking forward to cold weather 🙂

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