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ponytail_logoI was really excited to be introduced to Ponytail, a high end line of equine beauty products.  I love what this new company represents as it is a human-grade horse grooming collection inspired by a passion for horses and an appreciation of timeless equestrian style.  Ponytail is a line of products formulated with the highest quality of ingredients delivered in exquisite packaging. Ponytail’s unique formulations clean, soften, condition and shine; providing a range of products both horse and owner will love.  Equestrians invest so much love in the care of their horses; they should have the choice to use only the most exceptional products containing the highest quality ingredients for their equine grooming needs.

They got me on that last sentence!  I do what I can to ensure that my horse Taylor has the best for his equine needs and Ponytail fits that.  The packaging is absolutely beautiful, and you can immediately tell the care and detailing that went into the packaging and making of each product.  They offer the following products in their line:  conditioning shampoo, leave-in conditioner, high gloss serum, rinse-free shampoo, and a styling spray.

I was thrilled to receive their products and give them a try on Taylor.  You will see that he enjoyed them too!



First up was the Bubbles & Bucks Conditioning Shampoo.  It is formulated to cleanse and keep hairs’ natural balance. Their shampoo contains the finest ingredients including extracts of alfalfa, carrot & rosemary for a formula that softens and moisturizes.  The lather from this shampoo is really nice, and it smells great!  It was easy to rub into his coat and washed away clean.  I really liked that about this shampoo–that it was quick and easy to rinse away.





Next, I did a layer of the Ready to Roll Leave-In Conditioner.  I love this aspect also.  This is not a conditioner that you have to rub in and rinse away which really saves some time.  Especially at horse shows!  This gentle formula conditions and detangles while leaving hair soft and shiny. Utilizing nourishing extracts of alfalfa and carrot, Ready to Roll promotes a silky and soft mane.  Naturally fragranced with essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint & lemon, it’s like a spa day at the stables for you and your equine friend.  Once again, this conditioner is light weight and smells great!  As you can tell from Taylor’s face, he is really enjoying the Ponytail products too!




The Show Pony Shine High Gloss Serum is perfect for those manes and tails!  After washing with the the Bubbles & Bucks, I combed through his mane with the Ponytail pick and rubbed in some of the serum.  This super moisturizing, high gloss serum is enriched with nourishing oils of argon, avocado, jojoba, & macadamia Seed oil.  The mane will feel luxurious, full of style and maintain a fresh, fancy finish.  It absolutely did give his mane a nice, show ring ready shine!  Look at him glow!






I used the Trot the Spot Rinse-free Shampoo on Taylor’s face.  I sprayed some away from his eyes and onto a sponge and worked the product into his hair.  It worked out the spots he had and gave his face a nice clean, shiny look.  This spot treatment cleans and shines even the toughest spots with no sticky residue. With nourishing extracts alfalfa, rosemary and chamomile, Trot The Spot is the perfect product for show day touchups or anytime.  It works great!




Don’t forget to use the Mane Stay for that last minute touch up to tame those stray mane hairs!  Mane Stay is the first in a line of Ponytail products to put the finishing touches on your horses show-stopping look.  A mane that stays in place is a mane that looks to place. Ponytail’s Mane Stay is designed to help tame those crazy locks.  This product is what every horse owner and groom needs to achieve that perfect plait.  Anything to make braiding easier needs to be in your grooming kit!

In short, these products are fantastic!  If you are looking for equine beauty products with extreme attention to detail with the goal of only providing the best for your horse, Ponytail is for you!  This line produces what it claims and turns out a beautiful, show ready horse!  Be sure to order your products today!  Look at this shine!







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