Q&A With the Designer of Goode Rider

I love to bring interviews between VR and equestrian apparel designers.  It’s so much fun to get to learn a little more about these amazing artists and where they get their inspiration.  Read on to learn more from Goode Rider designer Lorna Goode!


VR: What brought about the creation of Goode Rider?
GR: While working at Levi’s and trying to ride in my spare time, I noticed the need for cute breeches and shirts that riders can wear all day – pieces that transition from regular daytime activities to the barn. My business partner, Kristin Calandra and I worked to create a chic collection that focuses on strong design and form flattering cuts, while incorporating the latest fabrics and moisture-wicking, stain resistant technologies.

VR: Where do you get your style influence?
GR: We travel throughout Europe and Asia for inspiration – we follow trends, and stay on top of what is happening in the fashion world and we incorporate this into the Equestrian World!

VR: Do you have a particular customer in mind when you design?  Who is she?  What is she like?
GR: Of course she is 5’10” 125lb with a perfect body. Just kidding! There are so many different body types and shapes and sizes. Our goal is to make every body look good, no matter what your shape. I really think we have succeeded in this. Our breeches and jackets look good on tall skinny girls as well as curvier figures. It all is in how and where you place seams and pockets etc. We get daily feedback from our riders that when they wear our clothing people comment on how nice the fit is. We really take a Woman’s body in mind when designing and add stretch panels or ruching for comfort and shape and very streamlined silhouettes that look good on small and big.

Our Goode Girl we design for is busy, busy. In our mind she races from the barn to work to dropping and picking up kids to the grocery store…..or maybe out to dinner…..all while still wearing the clothes (with maybe a few minor adjustments, like removing her spurs) she initially had on for the barn. We want her stylish and put together and most of our collection goes from the barn and beyond.


VR: What is the fit like of Goode Rider?  True to size?
GR: We like to say it’s true to size but the trend in America is vanity sizing right now. We don’t vanity size, we have stayed true to what the sizes should be so some people think of us more sized closer to the European brands, which means a little smaller. However in Europe and Asia people think our sizing is large. The average American is 5’4” and a size 14 but doesn’t like to be that so brands have started running their specs larger but calling it a smaller size. The bottom line is it shouldn’t really matter what the size tag says on your garment, it is how it looks on your body that matters.

VR: What is your go-to style piece?
GR: In the summer it is the Pro Rider Breech. They are so stretchy and comfortable and really flattering. My other new favorite is the Perfect Fit Breech, same material but sits a little higher in the waist. For the shirt in summer it’s our Favorite Shirt (other names are Elite Shirt, Ultimate Shirt, we have slight design changes to it each season). This shirt has a very cute shape and is super comfortable and cool.  In winter I live in our L/S Ideal Show Shirts or the Ideal Sport Shirt (moisture wicking). We also have a new Jean coming out this Fall called the Equestrian Jean. The fabric is a new jean fabric with Tencel in it….super flattering and comfortable. I have been wearing them as soon as they are washed as they are so great!


VR: Can you tell us anything about what is coming?  Anything new and exciting for Fall 2014?
GR: Goode Rider will be celebrating our 10th Anniversary this fall, and in addition to our fabulous leopard breech, we are releasing limited edition jewelry to commemorate our 10th birthday.


VR: Do you currently own any horses?  If so, what kind and what type of riding do you do?
GR: I have 4 horses, 3 Andalusians, one 16 year old mare and a 17 year old stallion and a 2 year old stallion (that is still in Spain, my sister owns a breeding facility called horsesofspain.com). The stallion is my dressage horse and we are currently working towards our Grand Prix debut. The mare is my vineyard trail horse, she loves to go wine tasting.  We live in wine country. Then I have a little mini for my kids, but he is a little bit wild, he pulls a cart but is not rideable yet. The 2 year old stallion will be brought over in a year or so.

VR: Is there anything else you would like us to know about Goode Rider?
GR: We like to think that we revolutionized the American Equestrian market with stylish, fashionable and technical clothing that reaches well beyond the barn. We are a lifestyle brand! You don’t necessary have to ride horses to wear our clothes. We are a brand that stays close with our customers, we listen to what they say and love to get feedback.  We stand behind all of our clothing at all times. Our teams work very hard but we also like to play and have fun, which I think shows in each year’s new collection!


Check out their website to keep up with what’s new!



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