Review: Asmar Equestrian All Weather Rider Jacket

I believe the All Weather Rider jacket by Asmar Equestrian is the epitome of equestrian chic.  It embodies so many details that perfectly transition from barn to street style.  It comes in a variety of colors which will make it hard to pick just one!  I received it in the black plaid which I absolutely adored.  The fabric is water resistant  and features a 2-way stretch that allows for plenty of movement while riding.    It is light weight which makes it perfect for warmer regions, and it is a longer jacket hitting about mid-thigh.  It features a removable hood and several fabulous pockets to stow your cell phone, money, horse treats, or anything else you need.


This is an award-winning jacket and rightfully so!  It’s utterly amazing.  It features a double zipper in the front as well as a zipper in the back if you are looking to create a slim look.  It’s so easy to style a look around this jacket alone.  Throw on some leggings and boots, and you’re good to go!  (Welcome cutie Book to the VR family!)




Here is what sets this jacket apart from all the rest.  Unzip the back zipper and unsnap the inner snaps to unveil a beautiful skirt that elegantly drapes around your saddle.  This jacket will help protect your saddle in any types of weather, and since the fabric is water resistant, weather is no issue for you either!




The opening skirt of this jacket makes it completely functional to ride in.  You are in no way restricted, and it gives and moves with you.  This overall detail of this jacket has a very high fashion feel which you don’t see a lot of in the equestrian world.  But if you are looking to add some of these types of pieces to your closet, look no further than Asmar Equestrian.



I adore the overall look of this jacket and will be wearing it A LOT.  I love the reflective piping on the back which is another cute detail.  It is also available a shorter version so they have one to fit your style.  I highly recommend this jacket and cannot say enough good things about it.  It is classic and functional, and you deserve to have one in your closet!  It’s absolutely fabulous!  Order today and get free shipping with FREESHIPCAN or FREESHIPUSA!

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