Review: Bling for the Ring Rhinestone Braiding Bands

During Horse Show Week this year, I featured different rhinestone or embellished braiding bands.  At the time, the really glitzy ones were not available for purchase within the U.S.  I could only find them in Europe.  Good news is that is no longer the case!  Welcome Bling for the Ring!  I was lucky enough that Bling for the Ring sent me some samples to view and try, and let me just say they are gorgeous!  I got a wonderful sampling of different colors that they offer as well as the different styles.  Wow are they beautiful!



You can choose from 17 amazing colors on white or black elastic.  You can even custom order your braiding bands with up to 3 colors per band.  Plus, they make matching bands for the rider!  I received a black one and it’s beautiful.  These bands are made of high quality products and gives each horse and rider a little extra sparkle.  They come in 2 styles with the colors being the Wellington style.





Wellington Braid Bands

A single color on white or black elastic, choose from Dark Emerald, Light Emerald, Purple, Navy, Sapphire, Light Sapphire, White, Ruby, Dark Ruby, Topaz, Amber (gold), Orange, Pink, Aurora Borealis, or Black crystals.  They are available in small, medium, large, or in size combination.

Set of 5 are $19.95.

Hair Tie is $12.95.





Do you know what famous horse was spotted wearing patriotic Wellington Braid Bands?  Rafalca!






Hollywood Braiding Bands

These are my favorite.  You can get the choice of single (Monroe) or double (Harlow) layer bands in a silver metallic setting.

Set of 5 Monroe Bands are $15.95.

Set of 5 Harlow Bands are $19.95.






I love how Bling for the Ring describe these bands.   At 2cm (3/4″) in diameter, these bands call for a small, hunter-style braid.  It’s important to measure your braids before ordering Hollywood bands, because they don’t stretch a great deal.  Please note, if your braiding talents aren’t strong, these may not be the bands for you; our Hollywood bands work best on thin braids done up to perfection.  Like Hollywood starlets, these bands draw attention to themselves!

And are they gorgeous!  Plenty of sparkle and style for the equestrianista!  I will admit I am not the best braider (I’m the one paying someone else to do it!) but these braiding bands are just the inspiration I need to practice more and perfect them!  They are perfect for schooling shows, clinics, and any equestrian event!




I know you are thinking, are they legal?

Please be aware that, since rules may vary for Recognized Competitions, we at Bling for the Ring suggest you check with your individual Breed Registry and/or Association for their rules regarding turnout.  Currently Pas de Deux, Quadrilles, schooling shows, and exhibitions are some of the venues where riders are free to ride in our “bling”; many disciplines do not have restrictive wording in their rulebooks and their riders are quickly embracing our products.  We at Bling for the Ring are working on getting more definitive language from those in power at the USEF and FEI, so riders riding in Recognized shows will feel as confident as the Canadian and European riders who have been seen showing in similar items.  Hollywood-style braiding bands were recently legalized in England.  Please consult your governing organization or TD.  Here is a link to the USEF rulebook: 

I believe it’s only a matter of time before they become legal in the U.S. as well so get yours today and help start the trend!


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