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While being around and working with horses, our safety should always be a priority.  It is always very exciting to learn about new innovative products that offer an extra layer of protection, and I am happy to introduce you to France-based company ÉTRICAL, founder and creator of the safety stirrup.  I am honored to have been the first American rider chosen to try these out!  ÉTRICAL was created in 2004 by Yves Rainfray, former competitive rider and equestrian professional, and was joined by his children, Clio and Romann Rainfray.  In 1975, Yves Rainfray opened a stable and pony club in La Ferté-Saint Aubin, near Orléans in the department of the Loiret.  He continued to manage the stable for almost 20 years before starting ÉTRICAL.  During his career, Yves Rainfray witnessed a number of dramatic falls where riders were dragged along the ground by their stirrups.  Horrified by what he saw, he started looking for a way to make total safety available to all riders.  He makes his products available for sale in equestrian centers as well as to individuals; his stirrups are designed for classic equestrian activities as well as outdoor riding, and insure a maximum level of safety.

Isn’t that awesome?  ÉTRICAL was very generous and sent two pairs of the safety stirrups for adults in brown and black as well as a pair for children.  They also are available in fun colors like blue and red and run about $66 per adult pair.  They have a closed toe and openwork options as well (as seen below).  They are made very well and were easy to attach to my saddle.  They slid onto my stirrup leather great so the bar will accommodate your stirrup leathers.  The rubber foot bed of the stirrup and the groove pattern really grip the bottom of your boot for a secure fit.







Children’s Safety Stirrup



I have never ridden in any kind of stirrup like this before so I was very curious how they would be while mounting and riding.  Mounting with these was no issue, no part of the stirrup got in the way or caused any difficulty.  It was also easy to find my other stirrup and slip my foot in from the way they hang forward.  They are lightweight and easy to work with.









I really enjoyed riding in them.  They may be the most comfortable stirrup I have ever ridden in.  The support they offered was amazing, my foot felt very secure, and I love the idea of extra protection while in the saddle.  There are no worries of having my foot caught in a stirrup in the case of an accident.  These stirrups would also be amazing on trail rides and endurance rides.  I wish I could express to you how comfortable they are to ride in, but you need to get a pair and experience it for yourself!




These would be amazing stirrups for kids as they are learning to ride.  They will have an added support plus the extra protection of not having a little foot caught is invaluable.  They are affordable and are available on their website.  It is great for both Western and English riders.  According to ÉTRICAL, it is the first stirrup 100% safe on the market.  It is a fabulous addition to the equestrian market too!  Use promo code JENNIFER.ETRICAL to get 10% off your order!

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  1. September 17, 2015 at 7:28 AM

    A great idea, indeed! In a riding school I worked in here in Australia we had ones that had a rubber attachment that made up one side of the stirrup. It hooked onto a metal part of the stirrup, enclosing the foot into it.

    If you fell of, then pressure on the rubber would cause it to release. The ones above look great!

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