Review: Giddy-Up Goodies Box

Giddy-Up Goodies is a monthly equestrian subscription service company that began in 2014.  They pack each box with care, fun items, and useful products.  Subscriptions start at $47 for a 1 month box.  You can also choose from a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription priced at $44, $42, and $40 respectively.  In each box, you can expect to find healthy horse treats, grooming supplies, showing necessities, and a surprise for the rider!  How awesome is that?

I was lucky enough to receive their May box.  I loved the fun colored tissue paper inside that held the surprise goodies inside!




Here is what was included in the May box:

  • The Big Cookie horseshoe shaped treat
  • Bucket hanger strap
  • Collapsible bucket
  • Bucket carrying handle
  • Cowgirl’s Kisses Cassino’s Kisses treats
  • Scrubby bath cloth
  • Hilton Herbs Herbal Shampoo in Neam & Tea Tree
  • Mini sequined sombrero


What I loved about this box was all of the useful items!  The collapsible bucket was something that I did not have but after seeing it I think it is a great thing to have!  How easy to pack and use at horse shows or on trail rides.  It collapses almost flat but does expand and keeps it shape.  The bucket handle easily clips on to make the bucket easier to carry, and who can’t use more bucket hanger straps?  Those are always needed around the barn and when traveling.  My favorite products are all natural ones so the Hilton Herbs shampoo paired with the scrubby cloth will make getting dried mud off that much easier!  These products are so practical and I really appreciated that.

Being introduced to new horse treats is an all time favorite thing for me!  Taylor gave his seal of approval on both The Big Cookie and the Cowgirl’s Kisses.  In fact, several of the horses at the barn got to try the Kisses and was met with their seal of approval.



In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, a mini sequined sombrero was also included in the box.  This may have been the most fun, most unexpected item in the box.  My barn friends and I had the most fun passing around the sombrero and taking photos!  Taylor is always the professional model no matter what I make him do, but some others weren’t so amused by it.  Enjoy the photos!


Ready to sign up to receive fabulous surprise items every month that are delivered right to your door?  Head over to Giddy-Up Goodies and sign up today!

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