Review: Horze Grooming Supplies

Horze is becoming one of my all time favorite equestrian brands.  I adore their breeches and have been very happy with their other products.  Today, I’m going to share a few items from their grooming collection.  First up is the Horze Grooming Bag.  It was actually awesome timing to receive this just as I welcomed a new horse into my life.  I love to have things separate per horse so I immediately went about creating his own grooming bag.  The size of this grooming bag is awesome.  It is not one of those tiny bags but has enough room to stow many items and the pockets are amazing!  It’s a nylon bag with both handles and a shoulder strap.  There are 6 pockets total around the outside of the bag that expand out to hold larger items.  This is the bag in navy but is also available in pink and light blue.  It’s a fabulous quality bag for the price and worth every penny.  That shoulder strap will really make it easy to tote around at shows!





Next up is the Horze Grooming Mitt.  I have wanted a sheepskin mitt for quite some time so I jumped at the chance for this one.  It is made of real sheepskin and has lots of great uses!  It really polishes a horse’s coat to enhance their shine, it’s great for applying fly repellant or grooming sprays, removes loose dirt and hair, and minimizes static.  Did I mention how soft it is?  It feels so good and it really enhanced Petey’s shine!  This is definitely an item you need to keep in your grooming bag!





Lastly, and maybe Horze’s best kept secret, is the Horze Hair and Lint Remover Brush.  Throw away those sticky paper lint rollers and never buy one again!  This brush amazingly does what it says.  Ever been at the barn all day and you need to make a stop on the way home but you’re covered in hair?  Not to worry any longer when you have this brush!  I keep mine in my car.  Rubber stubbles grab any lint or hair it makes contact with and leaves a clean look.  I simply just brushed this over my shirt and the hair disappeared.  I love this!






I would definitely recommend these three items to add to your grooming collection!  Especially the lint brush…please get one.  You will love it!  Don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter for chances to win $1000 plus be in the know for their special events and promotions!

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