Review: Horze Reflective Boots

With Daylight Savings Time change, it is now getting darker earlier each evening.  I’m not a fan of this since I do a lot of riding and training in the evenings.  The Horze Reflective Boots is something we should all have!  This is such a great and easy safety feature and is an amazing way to keep you and your horse safe in the dark.  This is a must if you live in an area close to where people are out hunting.


These are affordably priced at $29.95 a pair and come in sizes S-L.  Made of neoprene with finished rolled edges for increased comfort, this reflective boot is durable, safe and ready to take on the wear and tear of riding. Reinforced Velcro straps secure the boot for a comfortable fit on the front legs. Bright orange with black accents, these are not only dependable but stylish as well.  



You can really see the reflective strips in the photos below!




The reflective straps work perfectly to ensure that vehicles and other people see you and your horse in the dark.  These are great to throw on even while walking your horse to turnout at night.  Safety is always a high priority!

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Plus, check out the Santa hat helmet cover!  A friend and I found other fun ways to put this to good use.  Pass it around to the animals at your barn for some super cute photo ops!  Happy Holidays!


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