Review: Horze Sport Boots

Today, Horze sport boots are being featured, and one great thing about Horze is that they offer such quality products at affordable prices.  This fact definitely relates to both items for horse and rider.  This company should definitely become one of your go-to places for equipment.

Horze Probell All Purpose Bell Boots


These bell boots are really nice for the price, and I love how easy to clean they are.  You can wipe them off with a wet cloth or throw them in the washing machine.  Love that!  They are made of neoprene which provides comfort to your horse plus absorbs the shock that happens during your ride.  The double Velcro offers a secure closure, and I thought the reflective strip in the front was a nice touch as well.  They looked really good on too.

A combination of neoprene and faux leather covering join to provide a double layer of protection to the horse’s foot. Neoprene makes these boots especially tough and able to take the daily abuse of riding in any discipline. The neoprene lining absorbs shock and will not cause rubbing against your horse’s skin. Due to its flexible design, these are also great for horses that have had corrective shoeing. These bell boots offer a thin, light but excellent hoof protection. A Velcro strap ensures the boot remains secure in even the most adverse conditions. Will not absorb water, sweat or bacteria. Will not crack or crumble and are easy to maintain.







The Probell boots are available in sizes S-XL and priced at $19.95 per pair.  I have the XL boots on my Hanoverian.  These bell boots are very nice and I definitely recommend them.

Horze Memphis Boots With Pile Lining


These sport boots are super nice!  I love the sporty look of them with the synthetic leather and number patch, and the pile lining is very soft.  These boots have 3 Velcro straps for a secure fit, and they are made very well.  They are easy to clean as you can throw them in the washing machine.  Just be sure to secure the straps before washing!  They are available in white and black, in sizes S-L, and priced at $47.95 per pair.  The Memphis boots offer excellent protection for your horse’s legs while looking equally as stylish!





Be sure to visit Horze for all of your equestrian needs and sign up for their newsletter…you have the chance of winning something fabulous from Horze!

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