Review: L. Lavone Il Salto Silk Scarf

L. Lavone is an equestrian lifestyle company that was established in 2014 to bring us luxurious items that will have you falling in love at first glance.  They specialize in gorgeous silk scarves featuring designs by artists who are inspired by horses and equestrian culture.  Each scarf is made in Italy and is 100% silk.  The Il Salto Silk Scarf features artist Julie Anna Freund who is no stranger to the hunter jumper circuit.  The scarf showcases a beautiful bay mid-jump with your choice of gold or pink tones.

Let me just say that this scarf is truly a piece of art!  It is so incredibly beautiful.  The colors are so vibrant and the detailing within the print is superb.  I literally took a couple of minutes with it spread out and just took it all in.  It’s gorgeous!  It also comes beautifully packaged in a black and white box so you immediately know something special is inside.



There are a number of ways in which you can style a silk scarf and I’ll share a few.  This scarf is shown in the Gold tone.  The first way shown here is by draping it across your shoulders and tying it in a knot in the front.  I thought the colors really popped against my chocolate brown sweater.  If you want something a little different, turn it to the side and let it drape off one shoulder.

llavone_scarf3  llavone_scarf4

This is probably my favorite way to wear a silk scarf.  Fold the scarf diagonally then lay against your neck with one point forming a “V”.  Next, wrap around your neck and back to the front.  Finally, tie in a knot.  I adore the look and you can play with the sizing whether you prefer a smaller final knot or fuller draping at the neck.



The boho look is really popular right now so here are a couple of ways to wear it in your hair!  First, I rolled it with a wide band at the top.  Bring it under your hair and tie.

llavone_scarf8Next, I rolled it a little thinner and pulled some hair out around it.  You can pull the scarf ends over your shoulders like shown or let them hang down your back with your hair.



This scarf was so much fun to play with!  You can roll it and run it through your belt loops for a chic belt or experiment with your own knotted styles.  Like I said, it truly is a piece of art so you could definitely frame this scarf and have a beautiful addition to your wall.  Be sure to snatch one of your own and keep an eye out for the gorgeous items they will add to the collection!

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