Review: Nice Filly Dappled Grey Silk Infinity Scarf

I love to wear scarves in the winter, and I especially enjoy being able to incorporate an equestrian theme with them.  Nice Filly is a new equestrian business specializing in equestrian inspired jewelry and gifts, and their Dappled Grey Silk Infinity Scarf is beyond gorgeous!  I’m totally in love.  It comes in a beautiful dappled grey material on one side and your choice of either seafoam green or blushing pink lining.  It’s hard a choice but I went with blushing pink because I’ve always liked the pink and grey color combo together.


They are made of crepe de chine silk fabric and are beautifully crafted!  It’s the infinity style and are created so there is not a lot of bulk around your neck.  So this scarf is easy to wear with just a top and let it be the statement piece or pair with your favorite coat.  It will look fabulous!




I styled it with just a hint of the pink lining showing which I think really makes the scarf pop.  There are limitless ways to style this scarf so have fun with it!


This scarf is a must have!  I adore the dappled grey design with the pop of color underneath.  It’s absolutely beautiful, and with the holidays upon us, would make a wonderful gift for someone.


Head over to Nice Filly and pick up a scarf and check out their stamped jewelry too!  They have some truly beautiful pieces!

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