Review: Rider’s Diary

ridersdiarylogoWhen I heard about Rider’s Diary, let’s just say I was ecstatic.  I have long looked for a way to keep my equestrian life perfectly organized, from my horse’s health and spa days to my competitions to our training schedules.  There is a lot to keep up with!  Insert…Rider’s Diary!  It has everything you need to keep even the most minute detail in a fantastically organized, easily accessible place.


This 2-ring binder has compartments for each aspect of your equestrian life with beautiful photos all throughout.  There are pages for you to include detailed information about your horse.  This could really come in handy if you are away at a competition and an emergency with your horse occurs…all his info is right there for the vet.  No more trying to remember everything off the top of your head in a stressful situation.  Brilliant!  There’s a place to write down your tack information and your horse’s clothing.  Also, easily keep track of your horse’s expenses.


There are sections for your training/lessons and competitions.  This will enable you to keep a comprehensive account of what you are doing and learning each training session and what you need to work on to meet your goals.  You can also plan your competition season (complete with a calendar) and manage your scores.  No guesswork at the end of the season on where you stand!



There’s a notes section where you can jot down notes for yourself as well as clear sleeves to store important business cards.  I’m telling you…you need a Rider’s Diary!


Here’s what you get:

The Riders Diary Binder comes with 100 pages in it to get you started. The 100 pages covers horse identification for 3 horses, saddlery – tack, saddle fitting, Rider’s Clothing, Horse’s Clothing, Agistment/Livery, Health – Vital Signs, Vaccinations, Hoof Care, Feeding – Diet, Veterinary, Worming and teeth.  Lessons, training and Rider’s Confidence.  Blank pages, calendar of events (which you date from when you get the Diary), photos, business card holder, A5 pockets and a set of divider tabs.  The Competition pages that come standard are Dressage, Combined Training, Jumping, Horse Trials and Showing.  Your Binder competition section can be tailored to suit your riding discipline.  A Calendar refill can also be purchased for each year.


See?  It has everything you need!

Along with the binder, you can also purchase the pocket calendar which is perfect to keep in your purse or car.

You can purchase your Rider’s Diary and additional pages at Horseworship.  Or if you are located in Australia, purchase from Rider’s Diary directly here.


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