SleekEZ Shedding Blade

I have been one of those people who have seen the SleekEZ Shedding Blade tool over the last couple of years and have thought to myself, I should get one of those, and then not do it.  Not this year!  For a Thoroughbred, Taylor developed a very thick coat during the winter but it does take forever to fully get rid of all the hair.  I ended up ordering two SleekEZ blades–the 10″ horse one and the 2.5″ one.  I thought having one for the body and one for the face and crevices would work best.  I was right!  They worked perfectly!

Check out my video below on how to use a SleekEZ tool:

 Details: SleekEZ handle is constructed of poplar wood  waterproofed with a “green” water-based lacquer.  The metal blade is unique and exclusive to SleekEZ.  You will not find the same blade available on the market.


Taylor thought it felt pretty fantastic too.  He went to sleep while I scraped away the hair and had a nice pile on the ground.  Do yourself a favor and pick up one of these!  It really does make life easier in the shedding season.  I can’t wait to try it on the loose dirt too over the summer.  There is no need to treat the blade in any way other than using a soft horse brush to brush away the dirt.  This is one of those must-haves as equestrians we all need in our grooming box.  They also have this available for dogs and cats!  Order yours below.

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