Stadium Jumping Recap at Rolex 2014

I’m totally sad that Rolex has come to an end after 4 exciting days of living and breathing equestrian sports.  I had a fabulous time and will definitely be attending again plus I have a couple of feature articles planned about Rolex and some vendors I discovered there.  Show jumping was as exciting as the other events.  I was able to attend the morning inspection which was fun.  If I had been able to get a better vantage point, I would have taken photos but that just didn’t happen this time.  Needless to say, Jan Byyny won my best dressed award for the jog with Lauren Kieffer and Jennifer McFall close behind.

HighTimes.JPGSecondJogWEBJennifer McFall and High Times (That jacket is amazing!)

I loved the jump structures for stadium jumping and have always liked that some were named after famous racehorses (Man O’War, Whirlwind, Citation).  The third jump proved to be the trickiest jump on the course with several riders pulling a rail.  There was only one fall which occurred at the head of the triple combination, and Ruy Fonseca on Tom Bombadill Too took an unfortunate spill.  His horse then triumphantly took a victory lap before he was finally able to be caught.

Kristin Schmolze took home my award for most stylish show ensemble.  Her coordinating gray jacket, helmet, and fly bonnet was perfect.  Absolutely loved it!

kristin-schmolze-and-ballylaffin-bracken-3-500x333Photo by Eventing Nation.

William Fox-Pitt came out the winner of this years Rolex competition aboard Bay My Hero (what a beauty!).  Lauren Kieffer finished second on Veronica, and Buck Davidson, Jr. third on Ballynoe Castle RM.

14RolexVictoryGallopWFPPhoto by The Chronicle of the Horse.

It was a wonderful time and so fun to watch all of these top riders maneuver their horses and give it their all.  You should definitely go!

Rolex 3 Day Event 2014 Results

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