Strides For Success Review

Strides For Success is an online coaching website that is designed to help riders improve their skills and knowledge base.  It is founded by Lorna Leeson who is a B.H.S. qualified instructor with 14 years of experience.  She provides the opportunity to have online riding lessons to help you grow as a rider.

The concept of this website is great!  The target audience appears to be suitable for older children (possibly from age 8-15), and adults who are just learning the ropes of riding.  The lessons range from the super basics of horsey-knowledge to learning how to count strides between jumps.  It provides lessons from more of a jumping instruction point-of-view rather than a dressage or other discipline POV, but there are still great lessons to be learned for everyone. Personally, I think as riders, we never stop learning.  It’s always super important to obtain outside opinions and knowledge.  So, even though Strides For Success is more of a basic learning environment, I believe anyone can benefit from it.


The package is $32.95 per month, and it includes some awesome features.  The audio “riding lessons” are 12 minutes long and are new each week (5 lessons per week).  You also get a journal to record your own notes from the actual time you’ve spent in the saddle, as well as the 30 Day Rider Fitness Challenge (you know I love those!), bonus material such as programs, bundles, and new challenges.  You can even sign up for emails that will give you a quick tip to ponder throughout your day.  Lorna will even Skype calls or emails to help the rider stay on track with their progress.  How cool is that?

What I like about this program is that you can listen to Lorna’s lessons on the ground or on horseback. It’s super versatile and convenient.  For example, on days that the weather is poor and you can’t make it to the barn, you can still listen to your lesson and continue to learn.  I love this aspect.  It is also great if you train alone and don’t have a local riding instructor.  As the website said, they focus on building confidence in riders.  As someone who has struggled with riding confidence before, this is really appealing to me, especially for younger children who are interested in becoming equestrian athletes.  Plus, Strides For Success offers free lessons on Mondays!  Sign up for the Free Monday Membership and get the first lesson each week free to download.


Overall, the website is awesome. I’ve never actually been a part of a website that is THIS interactive.  It’s very unique, and I really think that anyone from beginners to professional trainers can glean nuggets of wisdom from this website.  Subscribe today!

–Jennifer & Madelyn

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