Sunglasses For Equestrians

Sunglasses can be a difficult find for some equestrians as we need functionality but crave style.  We need something that will not slip, easily break, is comfortable, and will fit under our helmets.  Here are some sunglasses that fit the bill.


Aileron by Bex Sunglasses

These combine the functionality of sport sunglasses with the style of an aviator.  These are made of titanium which means they are lightweight, scratch resistant, and are anti-reflection.  No suddenly spooking another horse with the sun’s reflection!  The come in mirror or gradient lens in a chrome frame.  Fashionably priced at $149.



GT4 by PeakVision

With the GT4, you get 4 choices in frame colors including pink!  These frames are made from a combination of magnesium and aluminum for a lightweight feel and are hypo-allergenic.  They are impact resistant so if you drop these in the barn aisle you are good to go.  They are smudge resistant and anti-reflective.  These are your heavy duty sport sunglasses with a fun flair if you choose the pink.  Moderately priced at $129.


Close Contact by SSG

These are the sunglasses for the rider who is wanting a no-slip frame while riding that won’t break the bank.  These will fit comfortably under your helmet with their wrap around design.  They have 100% UV protection.  These are inexpensively priced at $19.95.


Bling Liberty by Gidgee Eyes

Perhaps more on the fashion side than the sport side, the Bling Liberty sunglasses offer a touch of sparkle.  These come with adjustable nose pads and interchangeable lenses.  Priced at a sparkling $120.


Stick by Uvex

These sport sunglasses are for the fashion forward rider who want a traditional sport sunglasses with a contemporary design.  These are scratch proof and non-slip with UV protection in the lens and frames.  Comes in your choice of white or black.  Reasonably priced at $49.99.

uvex_stick_sunglassesAsti by VedaloHD

These are for the equestrian fashionista.  You are sure to stand out in these fabulous sport sunglasses and will be the envy of your fellow riders.  These are made out of ultra lightweight and indestructible Stritanium.  The cutouts make an elegant statement and really give these frames a feminine touch.  They even come with VedaloHD’s special HD lenses and are available in white, red, or gold.  These come with an upscale price at $329.



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  1. Susan Davidson
    March 1, 2018 at 9:33 AM

    Can any of these styles be prescription?

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