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My First Dressage Show Experience

We  love including guests on VR, and Toni was gracious enough to let us in on her first dressage show experience!  How does your first show compare? My First Dressage Show Experience Hi all! I’m an “ammie” dressage rider although…

Tips for a Perfectly Groomed Tail

We all could use some tips from the pros when it comes to grooming for horse shows.  Check out this article on achieving the perfect tail featured on the Chronicle of the Horse (a special thank you)!   Got a…

Horse Show Recipe: Bruschetta Bites

Let’s face it…when we attend horse shows, we need food items that are quick, easy, and healthy when we can!  During Horse Show Week, VR is going to post some simple and easy recipe ideas that you can take and…

Braideez Braiding Tutorial

Thank you Schneider’s Saddlery for this Braideez Braiding Tutorial!  This would be great to print, laminate, and keep around the barn!  I have Braideez and they are wonderful!

Rhinestone Braiding Bands

Show season is upon us and if you’re anything like me, you are looking for the latest and greatest!  I love to make my horse stand out (even more than he does already from his natural beauty ha!).  I won’t…

Horse Show Week on Velvet Rider

The new show season is upon us!  Velvet Rider decided to dedicate a whole week to horse shows and help you prepare.  We will have tips, style report, and more!  March 25-29.  Keep checking back to see what’s new.  

Show Season Is Coming!

Show season is approaching and we will soon be very busy traveling and preparing.  What are your plans and this show season?  VR has something exciting planned to help kick off the new season!  Stay tuned!