The Horse Market: Buyer and Seller views, Tips, Horse Shopping in Europe by Guest Blogger Jeanine Biemond

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The Horse Market: Buyer and Seller views, Tips, Horse Shopping in Europe!

Buying and selling horses is both very exciting and tiring and even sometimes may seem like an impossible task. However, if you take the right approach, it is sure to be a success! From a buyer’s point of view, there are many things to take into consideration. First of all, you need to be honest with yourself. If you are a beginner rider, you do not need to buy an expensive Grand Prix horse. As a beginner, you need to, most importantly, have a safe horse. I do not recommend that beginners buy young horses, as you are both learning and it is better for one to be more advanced than the other.

First, you need to figure out your budget. Take into consideration all the added costs to the price of the horse (vet check, transportation, etc). Then make a list of all the things you want in your new horse. Together with your trainer, you need to discuss everything you need in your new horse. Remember to always be flexible and to consider horses who may seem to not fit because they are a little older than you would like or who are not your favorite color. Make sure that the horses you look at are the right size for you as well.

Start looking at potential horses! If you are looking to buy in the USA, you can easily search the internet. If you want to buy in Europe, then it is very different. First, you need to have a good trustworthy trainer, who is honest, knows the market in Europe, and preferably who speaks the language of the country you choose to buy in. I do not recommend going to Europe by yourself. There is a huge risk of getting taken advantage of. There are so many people who have done it alone and have either overpaid for the horse or have bought a horse whom they thought was amateur friendly, but turned out not to be when he arrived in the US. Therefore it is imperative to bring a trainer with the knowledge and network in Europe.


When you have found several horses who you like and seem to fit your needs, review them with your trainer. When you call the seller to schedule an appointment to see the horse, also ask the seller any questions you have. Do not make an appointment to see a horse who is way out of your budget. You will waste your own time and the seller’s time.

Before you drive or fly out to see the horse, be prepared! Bring all your riding gear and do not forget anything. Once you arrive, inspect the horse. closely look at his legs, hooves, etc. The seller will usually warm up the horse, and then your trainer should try the horse shortly to see if this could be a fit for you. When you get on for the first time, relax! Do not be afraid, and just relax. You will want to get a feel for what this horse is like. Really try the horse. Remember, this could be your next horse, so make sure you are comfortable with him/her and that you two are a good fit. If you really like the horse, then it is recommendable to try the horse again the next day.


When you have found a horse that you absolutely like and agree on a price with the seller, you will need to schedule a vet check. If you are in Europe, your trainer will most likely schedule the vet check, all necessary blood tests, and the flight.  It may take seeing several horses before you find the horse for you, but it will be worth it!

-Be honest to the seller about your level and ability of riding. You do not want to put yourself in danger by trying a horse who is not suitable for your ability.
-Do not try horses who are way out of your budget. You will be wasting your own time and the seller’s time.
-Really look over the horse, look at his legs, feet, etc.
-Have an honest, reliable, and trustworthy trainer accompany and help you find your next horse.

Do not miss the next post about the Seller’s Point of View!

Jeanine Biemond


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  1. Mehrdad
    August 12, 2017 at 6:46 PM

    Thanks for the general hints, If it possible please write down more in depth details about what countries/Cities or stables are more appropriate for American to visit. If you know some transportation companies please recommend. Also from what cities in Europe we can air lift our purchased horse to the USA?
    On the other hand, what tests we need to pass before the shipping (or please pass down the link to its references). Also, is there any general purchase format to sign for buying from an European seller? How about the insurance for transferring the horse?

    Sorry if I asked many questions but it would be awesome to get my answers.


    [email protected]

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