The Low-Down On Dressage Fashion by TDS Saddlers

When competing in dressage, it is not just the performances being judged. There are certain standards that dressage-wear should adhere to and, let’s be honest, there is rivalry amongst competitors as to who has the best Ariat boots or whitest jodhpurs! Whether advanced in your top hat and tails, or just dipping a toe into the world of dressage, the following guide will prove a useful resource.

Riders competing at any level of dressage should appear elegant, seamless and classic.



Many riders take great care when choosing their stock shirt, as many warm up their horses in hot weather without their jackets.

The Hexatec shirt from Equetech is proving hugely popular amongst riders with its combination of stylish yet traditional appearance. The Hexatec fabric has amazing stretch for complete freedom of movement with a tailored faux shirt panel to keep the crisp traditional shirt look with a slight fashion twist of diamante buttons.

All riders are required to wear a correctly tied white or cream stock tie, and often competitors match the color of their stock and breeches to their saddle pad in a bid to create a smart look for both horse and rider.

Jodhpurs and Breeches

For dressage, jodhpurs and breeches should be white, cream or beige.


For those competing in preliminary to advanced, riders are allowed to wear black, navy or tweed jackets. However, navy is the most popular choice and the current height of dressage fashion in the UK.  In the US, it is black coats.

In advanced dressage tests, a tail coat with top hat is the preferred choice for many, although a beautifully tailored black or navy coat is permitted.  In the US, helmets are now a safety option to replace the top hat and a conservative colored tail coat is permitted.


It is compulsory for all riders to wear a hard hat (helmet).


Gloves must be worn at all times, with the most popular colours being white or cream. A clever tip; those riders who wish to draw less attention to their hands should go for a brown or black shade. 



To complete the look, long leather black boots are required and there are a variety of designs and styles to suit the most fashion-forward dressage competitors.

Brown boots are also allowed, along with gaiters and identical jodhpur boots. But, to create a truly professional look, plain black leather boots are recommended.

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-by Felicity Ellewood

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    I love dressage for this reason. Getting dressed up just makes you feel so special!

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