Velvet Rider June Fitness Challenge

It’s the beginning of June, summer, and horse show season for some. What better way to really get the most out of this month than with a fitness challenge? I have put together this challenge to target some of the most important areas for riders: arms, core, and butt/legs. The further we progress in the equestrian world, the more fit we have to be to keep up with the rigors of riding. So here is your 4 week challenge! If you can’t do all that is listed, do what you can and modify it to you! The important thing is to be doing something! I will be using 10lb weights for the arm exercises. Use an exercise ball for the crunches if it is easier on your back. So let’s get together, get in better shape, and encourage each other along the way.

You can print out the calendar below for easy referral by clicking on it. I will also be posting reminders everyday on the VR Facebook page. Don’t forget to share and pin with your friends and fellow equestrians!



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