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First off, let me just say that I LOVE MangoBay belts!  These belts are absolutely perfect and come in such a beautiful array of colors and designs owning just one is impossible.  I had the privilege of being able to peruse the booth at Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event last April and see MangoBay’s products in person as well as meet owner/designer Pamela.  These belts come in styles that speak to equestrian influences as well as other designs so there is a design for everyone.

The Punjabi Vine design in Indigo and Slate Grey is perfect to wear with jeans.  What’s so amazing about these belts is that the flat ring lays flat so there is no bulk like you find on many belts of this style.  They also don’t slip as you wear them so you won’t be messing with it all day.



I paired this belt with basic skinny jeans and a pleated white chiffon blouse.  It’s a laid back look, but the belt definitely gives it some pop.  The colors and design are just enough and looks great.  Throw on your favorite boots or ballet flats, and you’re ready to leave the house!




These belts are 1.5″ wide and come in sizes S-3X.  If you need a custom size, just contact MangoBay and they will work with you to create the perfect belt size.  They also come with a fabulous price of $19.00.

MangoBay also offers gorgeous Turkish Ribbon Belts that will be sure to pop any outfit.  I received the belt in Moss Tapestry, and it’s the perfect fall belt!  The design is intricate, and I loved the belt buckle.  The whole belt is unique and something you don’t see everyday.



I paired this  belt with a pair of my favorite dark skinny jeans, simple tank, and (minus the) leather jacket in cognac.  The belt went great because it has an array of colors.  Per MangoBay, it has a brown and pale green motif on a moss green background with a khaki floral border.  Looks great with khaki and with the Tailored Sportsman Geen Beige, Fern Green, or Tan breeches.  So stand out from the crowd and add a little punch to your wardrobe with this belt!


These belts are 2″ wide and come with a moveable keeper to hold your belt in place.  This one also does not move once in place and is available in sizes S-XL.  It’s priced at $28.00.  Pair this belt with a brown dress for a chic look.



Mango Bay offers a wide array of belts and scarves, and they have the perfect design for you.  I now have 4 belts and could not be more happy with them.  The craftsmanship is perfect, and you will never be disappointed with a belt.  They look great with breeches, jeans, shorts, and dresses.



Head over and pick one up for yourself today (or they make a great gift)!  MangoBay is offering Velvet Rider followers 15% off!  Pop in code velvetr14 at checkout!

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