ESMA Awards Nomination

The Velvet Rider would love to be a part of the prestigious ESMA awards this year!  For those of you who may not know, the ESMAs are the Equestrian Social Media Awards who showcase equestrian-themed websites and companies.  Our friends at EquiRex are also a sponsor this year!

Please take a minute to nominate The Velvet Ride here:


Here is what some of had to say about the ESMAs:

“The ESMAs are innovative for getting the equestrian community together to promote the sport and lifestyle we all love socially. Being nominated, and then named a winner of these international awards is a huge honor for We’re proud to be part of the ESMAs from the very beginning and look forward to every year.”  –Megan Arszman, Web Producer for

“The ESMAs have showcased the rapidly growing equestrian social communities around the world. The growth and speed of the equestrian social community is something we should all be proud of. The sheer scope of groups, online communities and online campaigns is showcasing the sport to hundreds of thousands of exiting and new fans of the sports we all passionately support in creative, informative and fun ways.”  –Richard Johnson, FEI’s Director of Corporate Communications

“The ESMAs have successfully brought the equestrian world together in a way that few other initiatives have ever achieved. The Horse & Hound team is extremely proud of the ESMAs it has won to date and is looking forward to next year’s ceremony.”  –Carol Philips, Horse & Hound




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