Review: Beating Flies with Horze

This time of year we are all looking for extra ways to keep our horses fly free and happy.  I don’t like flies buzzing around my face, and we all know our horses hate it too.  In addition to fly sprays (see my special recipe below), fly sheets, and fly boots, here are a couple of other things you can add in from Horze to help your horse beat those pesky insects.

Horze Fly Mask w/ Spandex

This is a great fly mask to protect your horse’s face from flies while chilling in their paddock or stall.  It can also be worn under your bridle during a ride.  It has soft Lycra fabric with spandex to ensure a perfect and comfortable fit.  It covers your horse’s eye area as well as their ears.  This mask was easy to slide onto Petey.  I scrunched it in my hands before sliding it up his nose and over his ears.  They are still free to see and hear, but now there won’t be messy head tossing due to flies!  Petey is wearing the Full size.  Did I also mention that it is machine washable?  Love that!








Check out other insect control items from Horze here!

Horze River Ear Net Bonnet

Fly bonnets are one of my all time favorite accessories for my horse.  It really adds style and personality and a well coordinated turnout is always a plus!  The Horze River Ear Net Bonnet is high quality at an affordable price, and you get some great color combination options.  It’s a beautifully crocheted bonnet with two contrasting cords – shown here in Eclipse Blue with red/white cording.  The full size fit Petey comfortably and looked great on!  I love the scalloped edges.  Fly bonnets ensure a quieter ride as your horse isn’t fussing because of those pesky flies!










horzeflybonnet10Check out other Horze fly bonnets here.  Be sure to pick up your fly control necessities at Horze!  They have exactly what you need for both horse and rider!


My Fly Repellant Recipe:

  • 3 oz Avon Skin So Soft
  • 3 oz s RepelX Concentrate
  • Water

Mix the Avon Skin So Soft and RepelX together then fill spray bottle with water until full.  Shake to mix and spray.  Not only does this work to repel flies but it smells great too!

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